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Women in Leadership was originally a chapter of an organization called Women in Management. In 2004, we broke off from that group to start our own locally focused organization. 

Instead of sending dues to a national body and seeing no benefit in return, our founders wanted an organization that would benefit its members and our local community.  Around the same time the Springfield Chapter also left and created Illinois Women in Leadership.  

There are six founding members of WIL who made donations that provided the “seed” money for Women In Leadership’s basic expenses to get our fledgling organization off the ground.  They are pictured below. These women helped create the organization you belong to today, which promotes leadership among women by providing mentoring, networking and educational opportunities. 

We are grateful for those who had the vision to create WIL, those who make it a strong organization today, and look forward to meeting future leaders in the years to come.  


    Mary Jane Johnson

         Susan Rees

        Barb Mishler

    Emma Vandeveer

       Carol Hultgren

    Kathy Schaeffer


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